Vantage offer a range of commercial window systems suitable for low to medium rise buildings. Fully proven in commercial projects around New Zealand, the range includes shopfront suites, commercial suites for mainstream and specialised uses, flushglaze and structural glaze systems, glazing bars for vertical or sloped glazing and commercial door systems. 

Designed by Architectural Profiles Ltd (APL), New Zealand’s leading window systems supplier, the range is used by the nationwide network of Vantage fabricators and includes the following.

Overhead Glazing Systems

For overhead or sloping glazing in commercial or residential applications. Bars with drainage and condensation collection systems are available
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40mm Window Series

A varied, multi-product window system based on a 40mm frame platform. For low to high rise applications. Glazed frames and sashes for general commercial applications.

80mm and 100mm Shopfront

A window system for shopfront locations, generally at ground level and in protected situations up to 6000mm in height. Can incorporate opening sashes from the 40mm Window series.

Magnum Commercial Doors

A versatile and robust commercial door system that can be hinged, pivoted, or sliding. Designed for mainstream and advanced commercial locking systems.
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Other Options

Other options include the 100mm, 125mm and 150mm Flushglaze System and the 125mm, 150mm And 168mm Structural Glaze System.

Composite Joinery have extensive project experience and have further back-up of the design team at APL. Technical support and advice can be provided, as well as pre-tender detailing and shop drawings. APL is a full service systems provider – designing, testing, extruding and powder coating its own profiles. 

For further information and a brochure on our commercial range, please contact us.

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